• Chloey

    long before lady gaga (paparazi clip) pict 8
    brilliant shoot from 2003

  • http://www.arefinaria.blogspot.com Joana

    very alien-like hair and make up! amazing. The yellow eyebrows on the third picture are just unbelievable.

  • Anita Siraki

    i want the sparkly dresses!!!!

  • Vlee1

    love xx

  • Natalia

    Actually … I think it tells us some secret story that we shouldn’t know …;> just have such thoughts when saw that . Brilliant photoshoot .The colors ,light and texture of her dresses … love it ! <3

  • amy

    This is fantastic. Successful merging of fashion and art.

  • Zanita

    The hair is genius

  • Serpent

    I remember this shoot. These images have been retouched by someone in post. They did not have this “plastic” appearance in print.

  • http://twitter.com/LucianoMello Luciano Mello

    steven-meisel is amazing…

  • Jaguar_running

    Did anyone notice that one of the guys is painting his toenails?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2ZHOP2PJU6DIRLBZ2AQJD3M3RM Doen EnO

    The makeup is STUNNING.

  • Tramxface

    It’s like…how would Marie Antoinette live if she were in the 21st century, much like this I hope ;)

  • Katarin

    she looks like edith piaf

  • sarinni

    its as if these 2 surf kids found a siren and took her home, its great
    i also remember the story from when it was published but it scared me when I realised its from 7 years ago

  • JJovana3

    If there is one model in this world who can sell me toothpaste, along with Couture dress, its Jessica. She is just amazing.

  • Visualkitsune

    I read on Stylist, “The Interpreter’s of Fashion” that this shoot was on 2006