• Zackerymichael

    by any chance inspired by the recent CK campaign??? cmon a little soon dont you think???

  • Emma-Kate

    Far out dude..


  • Liz

    Love the styling

  • http://phaedraismyname.wordpress.com/ Chloé

    I miss Irina…

    • Cholle

      Yes, I miss her too,
      dont you think she has a wig or something?

    • Cholle

      Yes, I miss her too,
      dont you think she has a wig or something?

      • ibkod


  • Deep_green

    veru interesting face expression…

  • http://www.n-l-r.blogspot.com NannaLR

    Fierce styling!!

  • http://alafemme.blogspot.com Alafemmeblog

    I missed Irina, I just did a post on Isabel Marant. I love her style.


  • Terri

    great styling, makeup and hair

  • Bo

    Right on with this styling! And i like her eye makeup. She’s looking Ace!

  • Stephanie Kilmer

    PRECISION Executed………….perfectly! love the lips and the skin………..the eye is Unique w SYMMETRY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>xoxoxoxoxox

  • Charlie

    Her eyes look amazing, the make-up is so cool! She looks natural but with that lovely sultry, sexy, sixties eye!

  • Kristine

    Great look! Great styling, hair is messy-cool, makeup is fantastic. More, more….

  • Jl Kilmer

    You have GrEaT tAlEnT ! Enjoyed these photos with no second thoughts I LOVE YOUR WORK!

  • Thomas Decker


  • Rachel

    I really like this, everything. Bravo Irina.

  • Nina Porter

    Nice eyes

  • Bunny

    She looks super pretty

  • Denise

    farout! love!

  • Denise

    farout! love!