Morning Beauty | Irina Lazareanu by James Macari

Irina Lazareanu photographed by James Macari and styled by Zanna Roberts Rassi

Originally published in Marie Claire US (October 2010) as The Libertine

22 Responses to “Morning Beauty | Irina Lazareanu by James Macari”

  1. Zackerymichael Reply

    by any chance inspired by the recent CK campaign??? cmon a little soon dont you think???

  2. Stephanie Kilmer Reply

    PRECISION Executed………….perfectly! love the lips and the skin………..the eye is Unique w SYMMETRY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>xoxoxoxoxox

  3. Her eyes look amazing, the make-up is so cool! She looks natural but with that lovely sultry, sexy, sixties eye!

  4. Great look! Great styling, hair is messy-cool, makeup is fantastic. More, more….

  5. You have GrEaT tAlEnT ! Enjoyed these photos with no second thoughts I LOVE YOUR WORK!

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