Marloes Horst by Ruvan Wijesooriya for Flair October 2010

Marloes Horst takes on the role of a lolita for this month’s Flair in red lipstick and blonde curls. Photographed by Ruvan Wijesooriya, the Dutch beauty runs wild in flirty ensembles pieced together by fashion editor Vittoria Cerciello.

source | The Fashion Spot

20 Responses to “Marloes Horst by Ruvan Wijesooriya for Flair October 2010”

  1. I want to love it because I love Marloes but I’m really not feeling any of these, it’s too garish looking and I hate the hair

  2. Ruvan always tries to be a sort of poor man’s Terry Richardson, but without the quality or technique.. It looks cheap and tacky

  3. at least it’s playful. so many editorials that attempt a lolita shoot just end up with overly sexualized-looking little girls. creepy. this is at least flirty without being obscene.

  4. I am so tired of these semi-pornographic shoots – it isn’t fashion, she looks ridiculous. I just want to see the clothes!

    • If you just want to see the clothes, go look at look books. Fashion editorials are not about clothes. They’re about quality control, using clothes as embellishments in a story.

  5. I am so tired of comments like yours, Elle.I actually want to see her full nude.Marloes is a dream.She is just amazing.

    You don’t want to look at these,don’t look,but don’t ruin other’s enjoyment.

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