Marike Le Roux in Louis Vuitton by Christian Anwander for 10 Magazine Fall 2011

Pop Goes the World – Photographer Christian Anwander (De Facto Inc.) captures this wildly cartoonish shoot with the creative touch of pop artist Barry Reigate for fall’s 10 magazine. Marike Le Roux dons a dangerously sexy wardrobe entirely of Louis Vuitton styled by Sophia Neophitou. Marike’s slicked back hair by Akinora Shirakawa, and avant-garde make-up by Ralph Sicilano create the perfect canvas for Reigate’s cartoon clowns, logs and bubbles.

15 Responses to “Marike Le Roux in Louis Vuitton by Christian Anwander for 10 Magazine Fall 2011”

  1. I love this collection from LV. Awesome to see it shot so differently. I have to agree, it is fun and def kinda refreshing. Her makeup is pretty awesome. 

  2. this is fucking great! I am usually so bored by label-specific editorials, but Barry Reigate is fuckmazing. 


  3. Cartoon art meets high fashion. What are the odds? Love the boots, though even if they are somewhat fetishy in character.

  4. While i was browsing through this site, this story def caught my attention. That’s a good thing. 

  5. I liked what the photographer was trying to do but I felt it could have been improved. Somehow the colours just don’t go well together, neither do they contrast nicely.

  6. it is so great and refreshing to see a legacy house like Vuitton lightening up with a youthful spirit! no stuffiness or pretension here!

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