Margaret Howell Spring 2011 Campaign | Dree Hemingway by Alasdair McLellan

Photographed by Alasdair McLellan and styled by Kate Phelan, Dree Hemingway stars alongside Josh Ludlow and Sid Ellisdon in Margaret Howell’s spring 2011 campaign. Looking unposed and candid on a beach setting, the trio lights up the relaxed silhouettes with a subtle elegance.

8 Responses to “Margaret Howell Spring 2011 Campaign | Dree Hemingway by Alasdair McLellan”

  1. I dont usually like dree, but there’s something so calm and alluring about her in this shoot..

  2. god i love this. Margaret Howell never fails. The campaigns are always perfect.

    Ps I agree with Kim Noorda, not gonna lie.
    But I do like Dree better than the last campaign model (was it Alanna?)

  3. Venetia Scott’s Ads for Margaret Howell have a lot more soul, loved the kim noorda ones, and the streetcast ones were great too. I’m surprised she didn’t do it this season, she has been so integral to the brand over the years.

    I generally love Alasdair, but this feels quite flat.
    Also interesting that both Margaret Howell and Burberry shot their campaigns on what appears to be Brighton beach this year.

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