Liu Wen by Maciek Kobielski for Modern Weekly China

The Art of FashionLiu Wen and Maciek Kobielski reunite once again for a recent fashion supplement in Modern Weekly China. Kobielski captures modern architecture and pieces from the fall collections in the snapshot style images. Outfitted by Tim Lim, Liu’s natural beauty truly shines in the designs of Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton and Jil Sander. Windswept hair by Lok Lau and understated makeup by Andy Koh complement the outdoor landscapes with ease. / Stylist Assistants – Niklas Bildstein Zaar, Clare Chong

7 Responses to “Liu Wen by Maciek Kobielski for Modern Weekly China”

  1. Those are some pretty great photos from MOdern Weekly China! I love the scenery and the dress the model is sporting! It’s great for day or evening wear. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Bernhardina Reply

    I adore her face, it’s sooo fashion! One of my favourite models for sure.

  3. the model is GORGEOUS
    the styling… WTF IS THE GOLD JUMPER THING!? however, there were some very awesome pieces. 
    photography – SERIOUSLY!? WTF!? the picture of the prada scales dress was absolutely butchered. how could they!? >:(

    • is it necessary for you to comment negatively and in obnoxious wording on every post? I can understand if you want to express opinion, but please do so in a more mature manner. 

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