Lana Del Rey Gets Romantic for L'Officiel Paris' April 2013 Cover Shoot

Lana Del Rey’s Rosalita – Singer Lana Del Rey takes on Spanish-inspired style for the April cover story of L’Officiel Paris. With creative direction by Adrien Pelletier, the “Born to Die” star wears looks from the likes of Ralph Lauren Collection, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Rochas styled by Vanessa Bellugeon in Nicole Nodland’s sunny and romantic images. / Creative consultant – Johnny Blueeyes, Hair by Anna Cofone, Makeup by Pamela Cochrane

9 Responses to “Lana Del Rey Gets Romantic for L'Officiel Paris' April 2013 Cover Shoot”

    • Jennah M. Reply

      I totally agree! I am so sick and tired of this girl who CLEARLY hates her self – with all the work she has had done. What a TERRIBLE role ‘wannabe’ model.

  1. i agree, the hair is not doing her justice … i don’t like any of the images, except the one in the black dress and the hat …

  2. valvacious Reply

    Luv the first picture and the styling with the Gigantic headboard bed. However, the hairstyle does age her. It should have been a longer looser wave pattern, IMO.

  3. Adrienne Andersen Reply

    I guess it’s just me, but I LOVE these. It’s giving me vintage film star, circa 1949. They are beautiful images.

  4. She’s beautiful, I’m sorry but what I have read in the comments so of you should be ashamed of what you said, she is just as beautiful as everyone else, keep your nasty opinions to yourself. I think you should think before you speak Or in this case type. Please be more careful with what you say about people even singers and actors feel insecure.

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