Julia Saner in Fendi by Camille Vivier for Grey #5

Fendi Femme – Photographer Camille Vivier takes to Rome for this editorial of Fendi luxury starring Julia Saner. Shot for the fifth issue of Grey Magazine, stylist Valentina Ilardi Martin pieces together a wardrobe with thoughtful elegance, complemented by Julia’s smokey eye and porcelain skin.

8 Responses to “Julia Saner in Fendi by Camille Vivier for Grey #5”

  1. now this was what i was expecting from Fendi, a great shoot.
    even with the blurry pictures, they have just the right amount of blurr to keep things interesting.
    absolutely love the voluminous hair!!


  2. Dyllis_filler Reply

    I just couldn’t get past the horrible lighting…I felt like it was just a new model test at a fine hotel or something…

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