Jessica Stam Poses for Victor Demarchelier in Spring Looks for S Magazine


Spring TemptationVictor Demarchelier captures model Jessica Stam in a series of fresh spring looks for S Magazine by Shinsegae Department Store. The platinum blonde wears a street chic wardrobe brimming with intricate print dresses, flirty trench coats, statement jewelry and funky sock-shoe combos selected by stylist Anthony Unwin (Atelier Management). / Hair by Kenna, Make-up by Kaoru Okubo, Manicure by Honey

jessica-stam-s-magazine1 jessica-stam-s-magazine2 jessica-stam-s-magazine3jessica-stam-s-magazine5 jessica-stam-s-magazine6 jessica-stam-s-magazine7 jessica-stam-s-magazine8 jessica-stam-s-magazine9 jessica-stam-s-magazine10 jessica-stam-s-magazine11 jessica-stam-s-magazine12

6 Responses to “Jessica Stam Poses for Victor Demarchelier in Spring Looks for S Magazine”

  1. she looks horrrriiiiiibbllllleeee hate this picture and her hair is a messssssss

  2. dyllis_filler Reply

    these seem wayyyy too photoshopped for what they are…also-that hair IS horrendous

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