• Insuline

    Great shoes, love Constance in here.

  • Anonymous


    • http://twitter.com/Hipporox hipporox

      i agree, messy and not even in a chic way

      • eroto-lys

        i agree

  • Zuzanna

    from the second half of the third page – great but i don’t like the rest. +zuza bijoch looks amazing 

  • Medusa

    Not too keen on the collection as a whole, but at least it looks & feels like a Spring/Summer collection unlike all of most of the others shows which look/feel like Autumn/Winter.

  • m.

     true, what’s up with the black?! its everwhere. it will be the most depressing spring ever (not so shocking considering the fact it’ll be right after the end of the world 2012…;)  isabel marant: i think models will wear it & still look great but for normal people? e-e.

  • http://twitter.com/PamelaCortes Pamela Cortes

    I love Isabel Marant… But what’s with the jock jerseys???… That’s so “Dillard’s teen department” of you Isabel!

  • http://styledecorum.blogspot.com/ J Umm

    minority = good
    majority… from a charity shop then got material to patch up holes? sure seems like it. 
    why can’t they produce something that is worth its price tag?!