Interview February | Sasha Pivovarova by Craig McDean

Craig McDean gets messy for his latest contribution to Interview magazine where the British photographer shoots Sasha Pivovarova in the graffiti-ed My Space. Styled by Karl Templer, Sasha dons several eccentric looks featuring pieces from Balenciaga’s spring collection.

35 Responses to “Interview February | Sasha Pivovarova by Craig McDean”

  1. I love sasha!! especially with all these models i look at the comments and they say 'too thin too thin like skeletons'
    Sasha is PERFECT. Svelte but not oh-dear-does-she-have-an-eating-disorder.
    AKA a picture of health!

  2. Some Fella Reply

    There was a time when I only thought of Sasha Pivovarova as "the other Gemma Ward"…
    but she is pretty great in her own right.

  3. Inspiring! Ha, I think I'm gonna go find some white leggings and draw on them lol

  4. Heyy, it's the hideous clog-shoe-monsters from LV! 8DDD
    They're so funky looking and zany that they fit in with the shoot perfectly!
    Also, LOOK LOOK MIUMIU <3<3
    The scribbles all over the place make me think of abandoning a room to a bunch of five year olds with a lifetime's supply of crayons.
    This is looove. ;3

  5. This is such a perfect story for the time! Makes so many other things look so studied and dull.

  6. THIS is soooooo the benchmark. AMAZING. Contemporary, cool, beautiful, feminine but not soft. Perfect perfect perfect.

  7. just such an inspiration for me right now…amazing!!!! thanks god i saw it

  8. jakie to piekne.Woalka z folji z rysunkem oczu to doskonale odkrycie.Pozytywne,harmonijne i pozadane zima.

  9. Wproto jest niesamowite.Tyle balaganu i koloru.Woalka z folji z rysunkiem oczu to odkrycie.Bardzo pozytywne i pozadana!!!!!!!!!!!!!wad? tekst tutaj!

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