Ilona by Daniel Nadel for The Ellery Gazette

Spring CleaningDaniel Nadel photographs the enigmatic Ilona for the premier issue of The Ellery Gazette, a an eponymous project by the Aussie fashion label Ellery. Sporting the ivory hues of the summer collection, Ilona wears flawless makeup and mussed hair by Isabella Schimid in the studio portraits.

9 Responses to “Ilona by Daniel Nadel for The Ellery Gazette”

  1. i love all of this!!
    never heard about this label before.
    i just checked out their site, which is not bad either, but the mood and styling presented in here is even better than their site.


    p.s. Joanna, i think we all liked your revisiting older editorials… will the “morning beauty” never return?

  2. i love how simple yet beautiful those photos are, and ilona looks absolutely gorgeous. i wish she would do more eds.

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