Hailey Clauson by Walter Pfeiffer for T Style Spring 2011

Hailey Clauson gets cooking for the spring edition of T Style by the New York Times. Photographed by Walter Pfeiffer, Hailey sports a wardrobe of the most colorful ensembles from the season featuring labels such as Stella McCartney, Yves Saint Laurent and Christopher Kane styled by David Vandewal.

31 Responses to “Hailey Clauson by Walter Pfeiffer for T Style Spring 2011”

  1. Dead Fish Reply

    Take a mediocre and overrated model, giver her creepy Frankenstein hair, dress her in Carman Miranda’s lost wardrobe that she forgot to burn and PRESTO! instant editorial. So sick of seeing absolute crap like this.

  2. This is a great example of horrible colorful hair. I thought I loved all editorials with colorful hair. Sadly, no. In fact, I have taste.

  3. Anastasia Beverhausen Reply

    Just. Don’t. Get. Her.
    oh and the styling is a hot mess and not in a good way

  4. i think the clothes and accessories are beautiful ..love the styling

  5. i think the clothes and accessories are beautiful ..love the styling

  6. I think this is a really fun shoot! The way they played around with lighting and reflective surfaces is great. I love the photography, and the styling, especially the two different shoes in some shots.
    That said, I don’t really like the sexuality they tried to throw into it, it seems like too much when you look at the photography and styling, it just isn’t necesary.

  7. Even with the “cool old-grandma” vibe going on and freaky hair, this model still cant get pass the Commercial feel.

  8. Shehzerade39 Reply

    @Alex MacPherson Walter Pfeiffer has been shooting this way since the seventies. Terry Richardson, Juergen Teller and Angelo Panetta have all been inspired by his style of work! Walter is 65 years old and still going strong. An amazing art photographer and a true original! I really love this story, because I think it’s fresh and Avantgarde. I for one am tired of seeing all the “pretty pretty” stories with glossy made up girls with long flowing hair in “cute” outfits. Editorial should be about surprising people and this fun spirited colorful shoot does just that! It’s positive and uplifting!

  9. This is so random and budgetly done I like it! hahaaaaaaaaaaa.
    Whats Skippy? Looks yum. :)

  10. Jenrome23 Reply

    Very ugly model. I dont get why anyone would like these photos.

  11. bahhahaha ok i’ve GOT IT!
    she looks like kendra! … the girl that used to date hugh hefner … girls of the playboy mansion… ahh dear

  12. This girl is fucking gorgeous. Some of you guys are delusional.

    The only thing I don’t like about the editorial is the mismatched shoes…

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