Elle Macpherson by Sharif Hamza for LOVE #4

elle0 Elle Macpherson by Sharif Hamza for <em>LOVE</em> #4

From within a bedroom, Sharif Hamza captures supermodel Elle Macpherson in a pair of cut-off shorts and pigtails for the fall edition of LOVE Magazine. Styled by Katie Grand in feminine and fun frocks, the Australian model looks stunning in the the magazine as well as these web exclusive stills taken from LOVE’s iPad App.

elle1 Elle Macpherson by Sharif Hamza for <em>LOVE</em> #4
elle2 Elle Macpherson by Sharif Hamza for <em>LOVE</em> #4
elle3 Elle Macpherson by Sharif Hamza for <em>LOVE</em> #4
elle4 Elle Macpherson by Sharif Hamza for <em>LOVE</em> #4
elle5 Elle Macpherson by Sharif Hamza for <em>LOVE</em> #4
elle6 Elle Macpherson by Sharif Hamza for <em>LOVE</em> #4
elle7 Elle Macpherson by Sharif Hamza for <em>LOVE</em> #4

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  • http://twitter.com/laceandlattes Jules

    Ahem, Elle is Australian.

    Not liking these though :

  • Petitbizou

    Horrible. Certainly lost her finesse… lol and this looks like it was shot in a senior lady’s mobile-home.

  • Lauren

    shes still hot tho! very hot

  • Anbellina

    I want to love that 3rd image, but her expression kills it for me.

  • http://twitter.com/LucianoMello Luciano Mello

    Those are cool there is a video with those images they made for Ipad really cool…

  • Isaobeso

    this pictures are just not classy at all!… the make up is horrendous!… the concept could’ve had been much better excecuted, I’m sure

  • http://fashionography.wordpress.com FASHIONOGRAPHY

    Um… not good.

  • sj

    she looks

  • sj

    she looks like that awful ex-‘model’ from Real Housewives of NYC. This is just cheap and tacky. Playboy more then high fashion. Ickk. The fourth shot she looks like she’s waiting to have the money shot splashed across her breasts. Awful, awful, awful.

    And yes, Elle is Australian, not American.

  • Mark

    Horrible story. What happened to classic photography like Testino and Lindbergh? It’s all this tacky “comical” and contrived stuff that really just makes the girls look ugly.

  • candypop

    Elle Macpherson is an Australian model!!

  • Kate

    I love how Elle looks HEALTHY and actually has a proper chest. She still looks so amazing and so young!! In love with this shoot!


  • Grib

    This ed obviously isn’t trying to be classy. It’s like the footballers wife ed just with a 60’s hausfrau.
    I think the story should’ve been better narrated to be funny though.

  • Faz

    yeah as jules said, she’s Australian

  • flo

    Ironic she is the new mentor on BNTM program when actually when it comes to high fashion or edgy editorial work, Elle never sprung to mind. She is more of a VS kind of girl. And still is.

  • Stephen Dimmick

    Fantastic and 47. She looks amazing. I love the tongue in cheek, trailer park chic.

  • V Mendes

    very beyonce

  • http://fashiongonerogue.com/ Fashion Gone Rogue

    Fixed it.

  • THX6050

    I think classy is a relative term, to me the editorial is telling a story that doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending. Those sneaky subversive Love editors! Me likes Elle!

  • Cocodeflossy

    For those who said this was very Beyonce it is in fact very Russ Meyers which is very Supervixens.

  • http://changingoftheguard.tumblr.com/ Charles Kane

    Wonderful fun spread of a mature woman pushing the envelope, laughing at the scene and all it’s stuck up adherents, looking ravishing and showing off with panache.

    As for the anti-oz comments, just how pathetic is that. Is it jealousy – MacNeil, Kershaw, Gemma Ward, Kerr – is it too much for you!

    Ravishing gorgeous models with unbelievable bodies every one of them, all with distinct and interesting personalities.

    Can high fashion only be European and Russian. Get a life!

  • http://LePetitPetit.Blogspot.com Louise Petit
  • Tarik

    Indeed. The video is amazing !
    Sharif is an amazing fashion director.
    (Full disclosure : SWELL edited and graded the video)

  • Tarik

    Russ Meyers was indeed the main inspiration for this story.

  • patrycjas

    what is very ‘why don’t you love me’ …

  • patrycjas


  • patrycjas


  • patrycjas