Elie Saab Spring 2011 | Paris Fashion Week

Moving away from a dark autumn, the spring 2011 outing from Elie Saab offers elegant gowns paired with tailored jackets and sequin adorned bodices. Working with a color palette of pastels and other dreamy hues, romance is apparent in the draped silhouettes and airy fabrics embellished with ornate patterns petite bows.

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8 Responses to “Elie Saab Spring 2011 | Paris Fashion Week”

  1. WOW. Color palette is FANTASTIC. Very spring/summery, as it should be. Shapes are flattering, materials are luxurious, and everything is very wearable. Love it.

    I have an off topic question tho. Is miu miu collection usually shown in Paris? If so, why is that? Im still waiting on that one. It looks like it will be last.

  2. Very Femine….I am in love with this collection.. one of my faves so far pfw

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