Donna Karan Casual Luxe Spring 2012 Collection

Casual LuxeDonna Karan’s Casual Luxe collection follows in the steps of the designer’s mainline range featured last month during New York Fashion Week. With safari and tribal inspired clothing, the Donna Karan woman dons light layers, neutral hues and chunky accessories for the new season. Wrinkled fabric and off the shoulder knits bring a lived-in look to the new range. / Photos by Seth Sabal, Styling by Nicoletta Santoro.

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12 Responses to “Donna Karan Casual Luxe Spring 2012 Collection”

  1. Justin Aranha Reply

    the photoshop around their feet looks weird. Were they cut out and put in to these scenes?

  2. Lupe Jelena Reply

    Ohh my, the shapes, the fabrics! I’d love to own most of the collection!

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