Dimphy Janse by Signe Vilstrup for Tush #26

Ready to Ride – Dimphy Janse plays a prized horse jockey in equestrian inspired fashions for Signe Vilstrup’s (Tomorrow Management) latest work in Tush #26. Outfitted by Wiebke Bredehorst, Dimphy takes to the race track in colorful ensembles which feature a large dosage of leather and sleek silhouettes.

6 Responses to “Dimphy Janse by Signe Vilstrup for Tush #26”

  1. Did anyone else think she looked a bit like Stam in a couple of these? Escp the last one and the second to last black and white one? Just a thought. Gorgeous photos, though! Does anyone know who made the brown crocodile top? Thanks!!

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