Diana Dondoe by Santiago Esteban for Elle Spain June 2011

Cinecité – Photographed by Santiago Esteban, Diana Dondoe plays the role of screen star for Elle Spain’s June cover shoot. Last week we had a look at the accompanying film, and the still images are as equally beautiful with Diana channeling characters ranging from a 20th century aviator to a 70s hippie. Styled by fashion editor Inmaculada Jimenez, the Romanian stunner delivers in the cinematic images.

8 Responses to “Diana Dondoe by Santiago Esteban for Elle Spain June 2011”

  1. I enjoyed the hippie the best…I have a softness for the monochromatic…

    Take Care…

  2. Chantelle B. Reply

    I like the concept a lot. It’s smart and the typography works well. I am in love with the last picture. I think it’s the strongest out of all of them. The light in the back on the male model is soft enough that you only let your eye wonder to the right after you have taken a real good look at her gorgeous features. 

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