Codie Young & Rosemary Smith by Nicole Bentley for Vogue Australia October 2010

Vogue Australia brings a sense of romanticism and lightness to the new season with its October cover shoot lensed by Nicole Bentley (Work Agency). Featuring cover girl Codie Young joined by Rosemary Smith, the story places focus on lace, flowers and fringe through the work of fashion editor Meg Gray.

24 Responses to “Codie Young & Rosemary Smith by Nicole Bentley for Vogue Australia October 2010”

  1. Reply

    The makeup and floral head-dresses are such works of art…I love this

    • same here. the lighting and clothes are beautiful, but the models’ poses are creepy… as if they’re twins that are lesbian with each other.

  2. i like the casting of these models for these looks and setting, very interesting

  3. Lullamae_hardy Reply

    that very first shot reminds me of an old Shalom and Amber editorial shot in Venice I think…beautiful ed, this one :)

  4. so beautiful, rosemary should have been the cover shot she has something really strong but soft about her, really beautiful

  5. Lasvegasphotopro Reply

    they did a lot to hide their pretty little breasts. didn’t need it but when you see the runway version of these designs, i believe the intent was to be a “little” provocative.

  6. Familyjulas Reply

    This is so eerily beautiful…I don’t think an editorial has affected me like this one in a long time, it’s amazing!

  7. Nicole makes the eyes larger in photoshop, thus the exaggerated alien-esque effect.

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