Chloe Moretz by Alex Sainsbury for ASOS Magazine

Girl Time – Teenage actress Chloe Moretz spends a day of carnival rides and arcade games for the December cover shoot of ASOS Magazine. Styled in the retailer’s colorful and youthful selects, Chloe sports multi-colored hair and a fresh face in Alex Sainsbury’s carefree images.

10 Responses to “Chloe Moretz by Alex Sainsbury for ASOS Magazine”

  1. That pic looks like she’s yawning……..
    Looks like she’s a ten year old.

    • I think it’s refreshing to see a youthful and age-appropriate photo shoot. Better than that creepy one they did with her in Interview recently or all those 15 year olds modeling wedding dresses for women twice their age.

  2. These are really nice.  The subtle details in the textures/colors/shapes that go together are what makes a good “real” photographer different than a hack.  The way the stripes on the tiger, the shirt, and the soda bottle work together in a subtle way, and the way her dress in front of the popcorn somehwat works with the texture of the popcorn, is awesome!  Great coloring too.

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