Chanel Iman Smolders in Galore Magazine #2 by Ellen von Unwerth

Love HangoverChanel Iman sizzles in the cover shoot of Galore Magazine’s second issue. The American beauty was photographed by Ellen von Unwerth with styling by Camille Garmendia in a series of playful and sexy images featuring sparkling pieces and lingerie styles. / Hair by Dennis Gots, Makeup by Devorah Kearney

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3 Responses to “Chanel Iman Smolders in Galore Magazine #2 by Ellen von Unwerth”

  1. Svenja_Pitz Reply

    Some pictures are great, but in some others her attitude and facial expression don’t match the poses.

  2. Adrienne Andersen Reply

    Wow, this is the most animated I’ve actually seen Chanel. Love these.

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