Cara Delevingne is A Shoe Vixen for Karl Lagerfeld In Melissa Magazine Winter 2013

Plastic Dreams – Brazilian jelly-shoe giant, Melissa collaborates with famed fashion designer, artist and photographer Karl Lagerfeld for the Winter 2013 edition of their in-house publication, Melissa Magazine. Dressed by stylist Leila Smara (Tristan Godefroy), British fashion model Cara Delevingne dons plastic, leather and sheer netting as she showcases four of the collections hottest shoe styles.

10 Responses to “Cara Delevingne is A Shoe Vixen for Karl Lagerfeld In Melissa Magazine Winter 2013”

    • awwww ? I’m having mixed feelings, what don’t you like about it?

    • Paul Snyder Reply

      Agreed. I’m gonna need someone to tell Karl that he needs to give up being a “photographer”. I don’t ever really find his shots interesting and they’re only ever saved by the model or the retouching.

  1. I’ve found some of the more BDSM-inspired editorials of recent months to be really sexy and cool, but if you take leather and fishnets and studded collars and don’t style everything impeccably, it just looks cheap. These look like the kinds of “costumes” that college girls throw together for Halloween parties when they don’t actually know what they’re going as; it doesn’t feel fashion forward at all.

  2. Cara’s great, make up is great, everything else about this editorial just looks tacky to me. : Like bad 80’s BDSM Glamour Shots. And holy poos that hair is just horrendously unflattering.

  3. I wish Cara would change her expression every once in a while. But I’d like to get my hands on those ice cream cone shoes!

  4. All_182 Reply

    it doesn’t look like a shoes shoot. i mean, this shoot were supposed to be for melissa and for seling the shoes. it didn’t make me want to buy the shoes.

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