• Krustyburger

    She’s sooo pretty! <3

  • Again?

    What a surprise again. Apparently people who are not “white” do not wear Burberry? Give me a break – it’s 2011 Christopher Baily.

  • http://twitter.com/elenavasilieva Elena Vasilieva

    these are absolutely chic, loving these sharp burberry looks


  • Suri

    The girl is not pretty enough.This is part of l dislike the picture.

  • http://palimpalimblog.blogspot.com Sina

    Absolutely wonderful! Like the Burberry campaigns the most and I think the models make the perfect double!


  • http://dilaila-fashion.blogspot.com/ Dilaila83


  • http://twitter.com/edufracked Mel Couteau

    She looks like a baby.

  • Evie

    Oh it’s that girl whose runway walk I cannot stand on Asos.com She is pretty but er, not doing it for me.

  • Krustyburger

    What? Cara is so gorgeous! I think she’s the prettiest model on ASOS. I think Cara walks fine on runway.

  • Caradelevingne

    You are very kind, it really means a lot because I am not confident on runway but I try my best. thank you. I hope you like the photos. X

  • Evie

    “Caradelevinge” what are you doing on forums? You are the new camp model for Burberry, you’re successful, don’t worry about it… now run along, lol!

    Ok now, back to reality. Don’t get me wrong, the girl is pretty but I guess she always came off so edgy on Asos that I thought Burberry was an ill fit. I guess I def. see her more for Jacobs, or Diesel, I know I know,put edgy with edgy ?? What an innovative idea, right?! *sarcasm* Then again the fashion world doesn’t take kindly to change.