Barbara Palvin by Eric Maillet for Vogue Russia December 2010

Barbara Palvin rounds out the December issue of Vogue Russia with the 2011 horoscope. Sporting sparkling gems from the likes of Harry Winston, Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co. and more lensed by Eric Maillet. With beauty by hair stylist Olivier Le Brun, Barbara is ready for the new year in flirty prints and sleep accessories.

24 Responses to “Barbara Palvin by Eric Maillet for Vogue Russia December 2010”

  1. i feel a tad creeped out by this. she looks 12, what is she doing in that hotel room and with whom??!!??

  2. Chelsea Camilla Reply

    I’m pretty sure she’ll be very big in the industry. Cool spread!

  3. She’s adorable! I am almost positive she is 16 or 17, not 12. And the spread isn’t sexual at all, it’s fun and cute! I think Vogue Russia cast the perfect model for the spread.

  4. Looks like she’playing dress-up. She looks really young.
    But I think she’s SO pretty.

  5. Not every shoot is about sexualized girls/women. This is cute and childish like a girly girl who’s just playing around with a friend or something.

  6. she looks as young in person, she is 17 and doesnt look any older than that, which is nice because i hate models look older than me at the age of 15…

  7. she is not bad….shooting is a great great bullshit…no idea…nothing…styling is even worse….vogue russia…what can i say else…..

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