• Anonymous

    Love it!

  • Sebaht

    Wow, amazing!

  • http://www.sweetfancytreat.com/ Daiane

    balmain, with a twist, so good. loving the maxi skirts.

  • http://twitter.com/Hipporox hipporox

    balmain’s silhouette and style dont change much from season to season, but it is still unique and i love it!

    • Anonymous

      thats what makes it balmain, though doesn’t it?

  • hhumh

    it’s crazy beautiful and reminds of mcqueen in some parts, love it so much!

  • Medusa

    If I didn’t know, I would say this collection was designed by Christophe Decarnin.  Why did he leave Balmain, anyway?

    • Priya

      He had an emotional breakdown and went into rehab or, don’t want to say institution, but somewhere like that.

  • Maes

    c’est tres chic

  • Priya

    Reminds me of Christophes’s early work for Balmain when the collections were lighter and not torn. Love all of it!

  • boya

    Glamorous rock and roll! And good to see Freja

  • Zuzanna

    i love Christophe’s design so much that i don’t really like it, but i see that’s a good work.

  • http://twitter.com/tinyfrockshop Pamela Thompson

    Gorgeous! So opulent and amazing.