Anouck Lepere by Jean-François Campos for Flair October 2010

Taking to Sicily, Italy, photographer Jean-François Campos captures an enchanting story for the October issue of Flair. Starring cover girl Anouck Lepere as an exploring beauty, Racconto Siciliano goes in to the narrow streets and ancient steps. Through it all, Anouck remains elegantly chic in dramatic looks styled by Vittoria Cerciello.

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10 Responses to “Anouck Lepere by Jean-François Campos for Flair October 2010”

  1. i’m really digging this story. anouck looks awesome and i love the mixture of beautiful landscapes and awesome fashion shots. the story is definitely a step up for flair cause the last couple issues have been pretty weak…

  2. Real nice, love the perspective on some of them, also mixing B&W and coloured shots is always nice. best of both:)

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