Anne Hathaway Graces the December 2012 Cover of Vogue US

December Drama – Actress Anne Hathaway gets into the holiday spirit wearing an emerald dress on the cover of Vogue US’ December issue. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz with styling by Tonne Goodman, Anne shows off her new sheared coif, cut for her role in the upcoming “Les Misérables” film adaptation.

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5 Responses to “Anne Hathaway Graces the December 2012 Cover of Vogue US”

  1. Definitely one of the best Vogue covers in a while. The composition worked really well, the styling and the setting just tied it all together.

  2. MargheritaB Reply

    I really like the cover, it’s amazing. Not so impressed by the other shots though, but I guess we have to see the complete editorial before being able to make an opinion!

  3. Wait.. American Vogue finally has a great cover feathering a wonderful actress who doesn’t look to photoshopped, and all they give us are two looks? Since I have yet to see the magazine in person, I’m hoping that they’re not sharing the entire editorial online so we can see it all in print.  If that’s not the case I’ll just stick to browsing through the magazine at the newsstand.  

  4. I much prefer the Jan ’09 cover she did; this photo is not doing it for me. I really like the other two photos though!

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