Alessandra Ambrosio by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Nippon December 2010

Alessandro Ambrosio has quickly become a Vogue Nippon favorite this year. From a cover to beautiful editorials, Alessandra has been bringing her own brand of glamour to the publication for 2010, and it should come as no surprise that the Brazilian stunner would make an appearance in the last issue of the year. Photographed by Giampaolo Sgura and styled by Anna Dello Russo, Alessandra rocks seventies luxe in the latest beauty supplement. (Elite Models)

17 Responses to “Alessandra Ambrosio by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Nippon December 2010”

  1. Nothing high-fashion about this. Her face just doenst do it for me. There is nothing bad about being sexy and representing Victoria Secret, but cutting into high fashion requires more than a “hot body” and “pretty face”. Sorry Alessandra.

  2. I think she looks fabulous! This look is very seventies Studio 54 to me and she wears it well. Wonderful

  3. The cover shot is the best image for me. She is very beautiful but because of her facial structure she needs to be careful with the angles I think

  4. I think we are just way too used to seeing her in VS catalogs and to detach from that thought and consider her high fashion is quite difficult, even if she does an amazing job! which I think she does…

  5. Jules Savant Reply

    Aless Ambrosio is “high-fashion;” I’ve never seen such a pretty “man,” and I pity people who feel the need to hate.

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