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Over 60 Models Arrested as China Cracks Down on Illegal Visas

Image: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Image: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Last week in China, officials cracked down on models working illegally under tourist visas by setting up a sting. Over sixty models were arrested through a fake casting the Beijing police staged with Chinese modeling agency M3. With brands like Burberry making an effort to stage shows in China, it’s becoming more of a hot spot for international modeling. Most likely though, you won’t see top models getting busted. According to, “These are often young Eastern European girls who don’t speak a word of Chinese (or English, for that matter) and are struggling to make ends meet by stringing together jobs and staying in the country longer than their contacted period of time.” So what does this mean? Many of the models will end up deported, while others are told to keep a low profile.

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