Where to Shop Italian Leather Handbags

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A ‘Made in Italy’ label is enough to guarantee a consumer of the product’s top-notch quality. The European country has dominated the world in several trades, focusing on excellence and staying above the trends they create their trends!

From pasta and pizzas to shoes and handbags, Italian brands have created some of the world’s finest products of impeccable quality that people from the rest of the world can’t get over.

If there’s one thing, however, in particular, that Italian brands have dominated every other foreign brand, it’s probably the handbag industry. From Gucci to Fendi, Italian handbags have been (and probably always will be) all the rage.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the best Italian leather handbags

Why Choose Italian Leather?

Leather is leather, then why pay more for Italian leather? The answer lies in the quality of the product and the value for money you’re getting out of it. Italian leather goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure its quality remains the best in the world.

There are several varieties of leather, some genuine and some synthetic. Whether it’s faux leather or the real deal, a great deal of care has to be put in when designing a leather handbag to protect it from premature wear and tear.

This is where Italian industries dominate – they test their products, maintain them, and only ship the guaranteed ones to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

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Best Italian Leather Handbag Brands


Founded nearly a century ago in 1920 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Gucci has stood the test of time in an industry as competitive and ever-changing as the fashion industry. Gucci products vary from suitcases (their initial launch) to home living. However, the iconic brand is almost always quoted for their designer handbags made from premium quality leather.

Valentino by Mario Valentino

Mario Valentino had a head start in the fashion industry due to his father being a well-established footwear manufacturer before he was born. Mario Valentino then created his independent storefront in Naples, catering to the more upscale part of town.

His brand was a hit with its textures, colors, and designs. Mario Valentino’s legacy lives on with his family and has taken up the business and introduced several other products such as handbags and accessories.

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In 2001, LVMH acquired the rights to sell the classic Fendi handbags. LVMH is the parent company that owns and operates the equally famous designer handbag brand, Louis Vuitton. Fendi bags first launched in 1925 and were a hit. The mansion then went on a hiatus until the 1960’s when five of the Fendi sisters revitalized the brand.

Fendi handbags go through a strict process to determine whether the leather used for their handbags will stand against usual wear and tear while maintaining its impeccable style.

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Arguably one of the most iconic brands in the entire world. Prada is an Italian-owned luxury brand known for creating accessories that stand ahead above their competitors in terms of style and longevity.

The brand was founded by brother Mario and Martino Prada in 1913. Muccia, a third-generation descendant of the owners, took on the reign in the latter half of the 20th century and boosted the brand even further.

The classic Prada leather bags come under the company’s most famous project, the Miu Miu.

Italy: The Hub of Designer Bags

The world has benefited a lot from Italy – primarily when it comes to top-quality handbags. From several designer brands and companies, the Italians have made their mark in more industries than one!

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