Things You Can Do to Help Reduce Fast Fashion

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Climate change and environmentalism are becoming pressing issues for people in the UK currently. Indeed, around 75% of adults in the UK worry about climate change – and this is likely to grow following record-breaking heat in 2022. This has left many people exploring how they can lower their carbon footprint. And one of the best ways to do this is by helping to reduce fast fashion. Below, we explore how you can achieve this.

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What is fast fashion, and how can it affect the environment?

Fast fashion refers to the process of clothing companies rapidly producing cheap clothing based on current trends that consumers wear a few times before discarding and moving on to the next trend. This damages the environment through the energy and resources used by businesses to produce clothing constantly – the clothing industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world.

But it also damages the workforce who are exploited overseas in an attempt to keep costs down. And it also harms wildlife through toxic chemicals pumped into the environment and through faux fur. As a result, any fast fashion brand is usually damaging in a number of ways.

What is sustainable fashion, and how can it help the environment?

In opposition to fast fashion, there’s sustainable fashion. This refers to businesses that make garments in a way that is mindful of the environmental issues surrounding the industry. They look to achieve minimal water usage and contamination, low energy usage, little waste, and low chemical usage.

On top of having a low carbon footprint and a minimal environmental impact, sustainable fashion also emphasizes looking after its workforce and making sure that it leaves a strong, positive impact on local communities. Sustainable fashion aims to be the antithesis of fast fashion.

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Ways you can help to reduce fast fashion

One way to reduce fast fashion is to buy used and preloved items. This ensures that no new material goods need to be produced, saving precious energy and resources. By contacting a local pawnbroker to look through their catalogue, you can find some great deals for your next purchase. Alternatively, you can change your whole purchasing ethos. Rather than buying 20 cheap possessions a year, why don’t you buy one quality item that will stand the test of time? Whether this is clothing or jewelry, by changing your buying mindset, you can help to reduce fast fashion.

With climate change becoming an ever-growing concern, it’s essential to address your own lifestyle. And by following the guide above to reduce fast fashion, you can begin to make fundamental changes to your carbon footprint.

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