Lindsey Vonn Poses Poolside for Yniq Sunglasses Collection

August 24, 2022
Lindsey Vonn Yniq Sunglasses Campaign 2022
Lindsey Vonn stars in YNIQ and Lindsey Vonn sunglasses campaign. Photo: Andreas Kock

Swedish eyewear brand Yniq and Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn join forces on their first sunglass collection. The Lindsey Vonn Edition One and The Shield are the first two products in a new line from the famous athlete, who is also co-owner of the company. The designs are manufactured in Italy using cutting-edge methods for the production of metal as well as lens technology.

YNIQ and Lindsey Vonn Sunglasses Campaign

Lindsey Vonn Bikini Photoshoot
Wearing a bikini, Lindsey Vonn fronts Yniq sunglasses campaign. Photo: Andreas Kock

Lindsey Vonn also appears in campaign photos taken by Andreas Kock, in which she poses by a pool in Miami, Florida. In one of the photos, Lindsey Vonn can be seen posing while wearing a pink swimsuit, coverup, and matching hoop earrings. While modeling The Edition One sunglasses and layers of jewelry, the beautiful blonde wears a bikini set with a retro-inspired print.

Lindsey Vonn Edition One Yniq Sunglasses
Olympic champion Lindsey Vonn poses in Lindsey Vonn Edition One for Yniq sunglasses. Photo: Andreas Kock

I wanted to put my own twist on the classic cat-eye and aviator sunglasses and create a chic and functional pair that can be worn at the beach, around town or during those sunny days on the slopes.

Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn Yniq Sunglasses Pantsuit
Modeling a pantsuit, Lindsey Vonn wears her sunglass designs from Yniq. Photo: Andreas Kock

The cat eye-inspired silhouette of the Edition One comes in three different colorways, each of which can be purchased for $450. On the other hand, the Shield can be purchased for $650 and comes in three different color combinations showcasing its oversized silhouette.

Lindsey Vonn Pink Swimsuit 2022
Rocking a pink swimsuit, Lindsey Vonn poses in her first sunglasses line for Swedish eyewear brand Yniq. Photo: Andreas Kock
Lindsey Vonn Shield Sunglasses Yniq
Lindsey Vonn wears The Shield sunglasses from Yniq. Photo: Andreas Kock

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