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What is it common in wedding rings, well they are made of precious metals and embedded with glittering stones, almost everyone gets one on their engagement day. But there are few who love to experiment and try new things and for those the damascus steel wedding rings are perfect. They have a unique pattern and texture that clearly defines their vibrant personality. But do you know about its history? Here are some cool facts about Damascus steel and its introduction in wedding rings.

History of Damascus Steel

Damascus steel is a distinct metal with wavy, liquid like patterns whose roots lay back to 11th century. The metal with qualities of hardness and sharpness was used to make iron weapons that even the Vikings used. It was believed to craft swords with perfect sharpness. But its production slowly declined late up to 19th century, however knowing the qualities of this metal it made a comeback with skills of ancient masters and modern technology as Damascus Steel Wedding Rings.

Damascus Steel Wedding Rings

Damascus wedding rings unmatched strength and glaring of steel make their appearance stunning and mesmerizing. A ring on your finger revives the lost traditions and craft descended from the centuries.

The wavy patterns and effective craftsmanship make these rings unique that not a single ring crafted will be alike made or to be made. This unique feature of damascus steel wedding rings attracts the couple that made their relationship as unique as the ring.

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What to Know Before Buying a Damascus Wedding Ring

As each metal has its own distinct quality the same comes with Damascus. Impressive designs, Outstanding look, durability and affordable price make them one of the best wedding rings. The texture and patterns embedded in these rings connect the souls of couples. These rings come in stylish patterns

Damasus Men Wedding Rings: Patterns of wood grains and tree barks in lopsided order gives them earthy and rough look, that perfectly suit your man.

Wavy Pattern Rings: Combination of metals while crafting shape and fluidity movement resembles the flowing river water that creates wavy looks- the ring your girl will love.

Symmetric Pattern Design: Repetitive arrangement of triangular and circular shapes, gives a uniform & sleek look.

The epic blend of metals creates a breathtaking piece of jewelry with all shine and unique style. With looks to your personal connection, damascus steel wedding rings comes in all sizes for both men and women.

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Advantages of Damascus Wedding Rings

Stand with Time: These astonishing wedding rings are highly durable that can be understood with its qualities in making a sword. These wedding rings are scratch resistant and immune to corrosion.

Easy Maintenance: We have seen a lot of girls wearing the wedding ring only for few days because of their daily maintenance. Damascus rings require a minimal time to clean up and make it new shiny again.

Affordable Price: These rings do not come with a hefty price tag like others. They are affordable and give you the same and even more shiny look than other gold or diamond rings.

Environment Friendly: Well, the manufacturing of these stainless steel rings require less energy making them environment friendly. So, gifting this to your valentine will show them your inner nature lover.

So, looking back at history, these wedding rings connect you with the lost traditions and the Viking-steel strength will always give you the inspiration to fight with daily life challenges. The etched patterns, authentic damascus steel, these wedding rings with their unique style and one of a kind pattern these are the best option for your wedding or engagement day.

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