Ni Ni Embarks on a Stylish Trip for Gucci Valigeria Ads

Joanna Elizabeth


Published January 5, 2024

Ni Ni Gucci Valigeria 2024 Ad Campaign
Ni Ni exemplifies jet-set chic in Gucci Valigeria’s 2024 lineup, complemented by a classic carry-on. Photo: Anthony Seklaoui

In the Gucci Valigeria campaign for 2024, the allure of travel is reimagined through the lens of luxury, merging the practical with the elegant. Photographed by Anthony Seklaoui, the campaign stars Chinese actress and Gucci ambassador Ni Ni and actor Chang Chen, who traverse the airport in spontaneous, paparazzi-style images.

Ni Ni for Gucci Valigeria 2024 Campaign

Gucci Valigeria's 2024 campaign showcases Ni Ni, making a statement with iconic luggage pieces.
Gucci Valigeria’s 2024 campaign showcases Ni Ni, making a statement with iconic luggage pieces. Photo: Anthony Seklaoui

This series not only highlights the ease of travel but also celebrates the connection between friends on a shared journey. Creative director Sabato De Sarno, with the aid of stylist Alastair McKimm, presents a narrative that captures the essence of movement and the spirit of companionship.

Ni Ni captures the essence of travel luxe with Gucci Valigeria's 2024 essentials.
Ni Ni captures the essence of travel luxe with Gucci Valigeria’s 2024 essentials. Photo: Anthony Seklaoui

The campaign features relaxed silhouettes that pair seamlessly with the Gucci Savoy collection, embodying a timeless narrative woven into each piece. The travel accessories, adorned with the luxury brand’s iconic monogram and vibrant stripes, become the silent storytellers of this odyssey, marking a progression from last year’s Valigeria campaign with Kendall Jenner.

The 2024 Gucci Valigeria collection brings Ni Ni's effortless elegance to the forefront, luggage in tow.
The 2024 Gucci Valigeria collection brings Ni Ni’s effortless elegance to the forefront, luggage in tow. Photo: Anthony Seklaoui

Art director Riccardo Zanola’s vision brings a coherent aesthetic that marries the heritage of the brand with a fresh, contemporary feel. As the Gucci Valigeria journey unfolds, it becomes evident that this is an exploration of style as much as it is about travel.

The monogrammed accessories and tailored garments offer a glimpse into a world where fashion and function converge, inviting one to venture forth with elegance.

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