How Women Can Benefit From Flotation Therapy

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Flotation therapy has been around for many decades but in the last six years or so, it has been making a big come back. Particularly, among athletes and fitness fanatics who claim to be reaping several health benefits from it. Many studies back up some of these claims, creating even more interest and participation. So much that it’s now used in conjunction with conventional therapy. The studies further suggest that women have a lot to gain from flotation therapy. Read on to find out more about what flotation therapy is and how women can benefit from it.

What is flotation therapy?

It’s a relaxation form of therapy that requires a person to enter into a sensory deprivation tank, also known as a floatation tank. A sensory deprivation tank is a light-proof and soundproof tank filled with warm salt water. The water is knee-high, which boosts any person who jumps inside the tank to float. The water and the air in the tank are about the same temperature as the skin.

The discovery of flotation tank

In the 1950s, an American physician and neuroscientist, John C. Lilly invented the first flotation tank. His interest in consciousness led him to research more about sensory deprivation. He was interested in finding out what would happen if the mind was deprived of all senses, isolated from sound, light, smell, and touch.

Modern-day flotation tank

Although today’s flotation tank is more advanced than the ones Dr Lilly designed, they’re similarand use similar techniques. Earlier versions required people to wear a black mask and an underwater breathing apparatus. But these tools are no longer needed in the use of modern-day sensory deprivation tanks.

Tank safety

Flotation tanks are totally safe, and most people even fall asleep while they’re floating.

The benefits of flotation therapy for women

Flotation therapy is a great solution for women who are searching for a better quality of life. It’s a natural way to help women deal with the stresses of everyday life and ca help them to overcome a number of mild health conditions.

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– Deep relaxation

When you’re in the tank you’re floating above the water, which means you’re free from the pressures of gravity. This allows your joints and muscles to relax as they would during a massage. You’re then drawn into a relaxing meditative state.

– Pain and stress relief

Once your joints and muscles relax, any tension that was building up is released. You’ll feel pain-free and stress-free afterwards.

– Improves sleep quality

Being in the tank allows the mind to be in a state of relaxation. When you’re in this state, your brainwaves shift, changing from beta to alpha, then onto theta and delta. The last two waves increase the chances of drifting into sleep.

– Muscle recovery

Floating eases the strain in muscles, joints, and bones. It also improves blood circulation and can speed up the muscle recovery process.

– Alleviates PMS symptoms

The high Epsom salt content in the flotation tank can help ease premenstrual syndrome symptoms such as cramping, bloating, and soreness in the abdomen area.

– Reduce menopausal symptoms

Menopausal women experience many uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, itching or pain, fatigue and more. Besides relaxing muscles and joints, spending time in the tank can also stop the release of stress hormones. This, in turn, reduces the above-mentioned symptoms.

– Enhances mood

Flotation therapy can relieve mood changes related to menstruation and menopause.

– Comfort for pregnant women

Pregnant women can also benefit from flotation therapy. Floating takes away the strain caused by the added weight of pregnancy and it helps ease pain and stress that comes with it. Epsom salt also reduces inflammation caused by pregnancy. But, pregnant women are advised to ask their doctors for permission before they start floatation therapy and as a safety measure.

– Skin and hair improvement

Epsom salt is popular for its ability to soothe and provide relief from skin irritations. It also strengthens and nourishes hair and scalp. This is the reason it’s used in many retail and DIY cosmetic products like exfoliation masks and hair masks. Now imagine floating in water with tons of Epsom salt-filled water.


Flotation therapy comes with many health benefits for women. Therapists are using it in conjunction with other therapy techniques to treat a number of health conditions. Besides easing menstrual and menopausal symptoms, it also helps women relieve stress and anxiety.

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