Four Frequently Ignored Factors That Can Determine the Success of a Relationship

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Relationships are a significant part of the lives of many adults. The quest to find love that’s true and sincere, without doubting if we’re going to need divorce and child custody help in the end, is one that we’ve all imbibed one way or another. There are different metrics for measuring success in a relationship, but for this piece, we’ll be looking at two most common ones – length and satisfaction.

As most people have found out, falling in love is easy. It’s staying in love that’s hard. After a few months of feeling butterflies in the stomach, couples often realize that loving someone isn’t an easy thing to do and requires work.

In this article, we’ll be considering four frequently overlooked factors in relationships. A number of these factors might sound weird, but studies have shown that they are good predictors of a relationship’s success.


Contrary to conventional wisdom, a healthy couple is a couple that argues often. Couples that often argue over the smallest of things are more likely to have a longer, healthier relationship than those who don’t. The basic framework of a relationship is two people who barely know each other trying to love themselves wholly. You can immediately see how that’s a recipe for disagreements. 

Couples that frequently argue during their early months are likely to iron out more issues and build critical conflict resolution skills. As arguments are a normal part of relationships, having, and most importantly, resolving them is vital for growth.

On the other hand, if couples have a high negativity threshold, they will likely only argue over major issues. With both parties not used to the idea of conflict, there’s a high chance they fall apart. Ignoring conflict can also be a sign of withdrawal in a relationship, which is a terrible thing. Having difficult conversations is better than no conversations when in a relationship.

That said, you shouldn’t go into relationships looking for things to argue about. Chances are, if you’re invested enough, they will come naturally.

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With more people becoming irreligious by the day, the subject of religion is becoming a very precarious one. While there may be nothing inherently wrong with having a partner with another religious disposition, studies show that partners having similar beliefs in a relationship is a good predictor of success. It doesn’t mean that irreligious people have worse relationships. It only means that if you’re a deeply religious person, you’re better off looking for someone similar in that regard.

In a speed dating environment, religiosity can be a buzzkill, but if you’re considering long-term relationships, it becomes an essential factor. Religiously mixed couples typically have to deal with more tension and disagreements around their beliefs.

In religiously matched relationships, partners can more easily bring their faith into discussions without worrying about being misunderstood. They may also be able to draw on their mutual faith for help in times of conflict or trouble. It’s also common for religiously matched unions to perceive their union as one with a higher purpose than only marriage – as a service to God. In fact, a couple praying together is regarded as one of the most significant indicators of them being happy. 

If you’re a very religious person, you might also want to find out what your faith says about intermarriages with people of other faith. Resources like this can be very instrumental in helping you figure it out:

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Social media PDA

Public displays of Affection (PDA) have been a subject of much interest among relationship experts for a while now. People have varying physical needs in a relationship, and some of them carry over into how they like to be treated in public. The creation of PDA compatibility tests further emphasizes the importance of PDA in relationships. Couples that are PDA-compatible tend to be more comfortable around each other and have healthier relationships.

When people talk about PDA on social media, it’s usually with disdain. Most people agree that it’s corny, but still ogle over social media posts from “happy” couples. While many people find the idea distasteful, recent research from the University of Wisconsin tells a different story. According to the study, couples with strong social media PDA experienced more real-life commitment in their relationships than those that didn’t. This was likely because the positive feedback they received from flaunting their relationship online made them feel more positive about it.

From the results of the study, more people should be doing social media PDA. Who knows, maybe it’s what they need to make them feel the love again.

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Personal space

Falling in love is typically about intimacy. It’s about trying as much as possible to become one with someone else. Unfortunately, as we highlighted earlier, the person in question is a different person from you.

While you might be tempted to smother your loved one with affection and companionship, it isn’t the smart thing to do. It’s normal to feel overprotective of your partner or even be physically attached to them. However, encroaching on their personal space is bound to cause issues.

Challenges with personal space are often as a result of a lack of trust. However, if you want to have a long-lasting, satisfactory relationship, you have to show your partner that you trust them. This may involve allowing them to enjoy basic things like phone privacy and even nights out with friends.

The flip side of this is to make sure your partner is comfortable with bringing you into their personal space when, and if, they choose to. Mutual respect for personal space is a must-have for a successful relationship.


Relationships are very dynamic in that what works in one may not work in another. The most important factor, however, is a determination to make the relationship work. Away from the pictures with matching clothes, vacations, and PDA, relationships are hard work. But then, as long as you and your partner are willing to put in the work, there’s no stopping you!

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