Evergreen Fashionable Trend: The Smile

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They say that the smile is the best make-up. Wearing your smile is what’s adding to that beautiful face. When someone smiles, you can feel that positive energy radiating to that person. It makes you want to smile more. It lifts the mood around and kind of makes things seem better. It’s like walking around the earth with trumpets and birds, all in peace and harmony. This is why people seek this Dentist in concord for dental advice on how to enhance their smiles.

A baby’s smile is quite hard to get. Getting a baby smile for someone or maybe in a photo studio will be quite challenging. But, wouldn’t you agree with the fact that a baby’s smile is the most genuine thing in the world? It symbolizes innocence, purity, joy, and lots of emotions! A smiling baby could truly bring you positive energy; it could make you smile too!

There is this one thing that is important as a baby’s smile — the mouth and its parts. Without them, a smile can never be formed.  So, this is an important matter that has to be discussed since it is also awareness to the people. Let’s say that the oral cavity is a golden part of the body. It is where food goes through for our body to have nutrients.

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It can help detect if any diseases are invading the body. It is the place where the jewels of our mouth erupt— teeth. A baby’s teeth are small and fragile; therefore, it is highly susceptible to early onset of dental caries. You may be worried about your child and have this question inside your head, “how can we prevent it?” Fear not my friends, for there is an answer to your inquiry: Fluoride Varnish application. It may sound new to you, but this is an approved procedure by the American Dental Association.

It is a procedure wherein a dentist will apply fluoride varnish to the teeth of your child. It is safe and effective against early onset of dental caries. It is advisable that you have your child undergo this procedure when his/her first set of teeth comes out, usually on their sixth to eighth month of age. This can be repeated four times a year for maximum protection. This fluoride varnish would also be enjoyable to the children because it has flavors like chocolate and bubblegum. They say prevention is better than cure, and I say YES to that! This would be an excellent start to have a fashionista baby with a killer smile. 

Trending is the word you use when something is “in” and “hyped.” Some people would always follow the trend because they wanted to be “in.” But what does it take to be trending? High-fashion clothes, expensive bags, and luxury shoes? I say none from those mentioned because that one thing that could make you “trend” is SMILING. Imagine yourself walking around wearing your favorite clothes, bags, and shoes but is radiating negative energy and looking gloomy. The people won’t be near you and instead of greeting you; they will keep their mouth shut. Wouldn’t that be a reason for a bad day?

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On the other hand, imagine again with the same scenario but this time, walking with all smiles, feeling great in no time you would be the talk of the town! You will be “trending”! You can spread positivity now, and the people will be drawn closer to you. Not only that, they will even call you a “fashionista.”

When you are strolling around somewhere, you can see people differently: smart casual for the people working in the office, corporate for some business-dealing ladies and gentlemen or just casual for the typical people wanting to unwind and relax. All may be different, but one thing would make it all similar— the smile.

The teeth are the jewels of the face, therefore if you want to flash it, have it cleaned! It would be a shame if you smile and you have all that plaque visible in you. Take a day off and schedule an oral prophylaxis appointment with your dentist. Oral prophylaxis is the cleaning of the teeth using a scaler and a prophy angle with prophy paste. It is recommended that you have to have it scaled and polished every six months.

Having a prophylaxis treatment isn’t just enough. The prophy paste doesn’t have any fluoride, unlike the regular toothpaste. That paste alone is not enough to protect your teeth. The dentist then will advise you to have fluoride applied to your teeth topically. It is usually in gel form and is applied using a fluoride tray. You see, all of that wouldn’t just make your smile brighter; it would make you confident as well! 

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Our smile isn’t just an evergreen fashion trend. It is our trademark. It is what will make us known. A lot of impressions could be given out only by smiling. It is what makes us as a person. It helps us build up our confidence and go through with the rest of the days. When you see someone looking gloomy, smile at them, and encourage them to smile too! Not only it will uplift their mood, and they will thank you for helping them get a little bit better.

Fashion changes over the years and will keep on changing. There will be new trends; there will be fashion from the past, which will trend again in the future. Looking at it, style is repetitive. It is becoming like a cycle. A fashion will die, and a new one will be born. Just as when you are getting comfortable in style, you’ll be surprised that there will be another. Even though everything in this world changes, there will be one constant thing, and that is the ‘smile’ the people give off. It will always be there even if life throws out lemons at you. It will always be the one thing fashion critics would agree on. Smile is the best fashion trend that could never be worn out and replaced. 

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