Diamonds vs. Colored Gemstones: Which is the Best Engagement Ring?

Diamonds Gemstones
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Regarding engagement rings, diamonds and colored gemstones are the most common choices. Diamonds have always been popular. Its modern popularity was cemented when Marilyn Monroe declared diamonds a girl’s best friend.

Colored gemstones, on the other hand, weren’t popular choices for engagement rings until recently. How did this happen, you ask? Well, most royals started using colored gemstones when getting engaged. 

As the gemstones got this kind of exposure, more people became captivated, and it attracted quite a following. Over time, bright and sunny gemstones rose to conquer a place in engagements.

So are you still debating getting a colored gemstone or lab-grown diamond engagement ring? This guide discusses how these options are great for an engagement ring.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Ring
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Diamond engagement rings have been coveted all through history. Initially, it was due to its religious significance, but over time, it became popular due to its symbolism of love. The use of these gems in engagement rings rose significantly in the 15th century when most royals started wearing them. 

Today, these gemstones are in demand due to the factors explained below:


Diamonds are expensive. This is attributed to the production cost and rarity. However, it’s relative. A diamond engagement ring is an excellent choice if you have an unlimited budget. 

You can also have a lab-grown diamond if a mined diamond isn’t within your budget. This type is similar to the mined diamond in chemical, optical, and physical properties. Therefore, you’ll have a diamond engagement ring for sixty to eighty percent less than the real thing.


There isn’t a gemstone that’s more durable than diamonds. The gemstones have three properties for durability: stability, hardness, and toughness. Diamonds are ideal for engagement rings. A perfect diamond ring is flawless if you are looking for a gemstone you can wear daily.


Diamond engagement rings have always symbolized timeless devotion between two people. It showcases your love for your partner while letting them know that what you feel about them is as strong and unchanging as this stone. So if you are looking for a timeless option that shows the value of beauty, luxury, and tradition, this gemstone is for you.

Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

Gemstone Engagement Ring Topaz
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If you are looking for nontraditional options for your engagement ring, a colored gemstone might be ideal. These gemstones come in wide varieties that cater to people’s varying tastes. Available in bright colors and different cuts, these gemstones offer a feature of distinction. 

However, choosing gemstones needs different considerations to diamonds. Therefore, below are all the characteristics to consider before settling for colored gemstones.


One thing that makes colored gemstones popular is their cost. All the different gemstones are very affordable, and you can get a larger ring at the expense of a smaller-carat diamond. However, the prices of colored gemstones vary depending on the rarity of the gemstone.

For instance, softer gemstones, such as morganites, aquamarines, and amethysts, are inexpensive. But other gemstones, like moissanite or sapphire, are on the higher side cost-wise. These gemstones are more durable and can be worn every day.


Colored gemstones vary in hardness. Some are soft and prone to scratching or chipping, while others are sturdy. Therefore, when choosing a colored gemstone, you may have to consider all of them before making a choice.

Great examples of durable gemstones are ruby and sapphires. Both these gemstones are considered the most durable, and when untreated, they’ll hold up well. Chrysoberyl can also withstand wear, making them an excellent option for regular wear.

But gemstones like kunzite, opal, pearls, apatite, turquoise, and sphene might not be suitable for engagement rings. These gems are brittle, don’t repair easily, and resist scratching. Therefore, they are more suited for jewelry like pendants, earrings, brooches, and pins.


Colored gemstones hold significant meanings depending on the stone. Some represent feelings, while others stand for actions. For instance, regarding feeling, sapphires represent truth and faithfulness, making them the perfect representation of commitment. As for action, sapphire’s strength stands for how sturdy and steady the relationship will be.

Gemstones or Diamonds, Which is Better?

Diamonds vs Gemstones
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The choice between colored gemstones and diamonds ultimately comes down to personal preference. For gemstones, you’ll get a unique piece tailored to your taste. You’ll also be getting something that has a symbolic meaning.

But you’ll get durability, versatility, and timelessness for diamonds. All these features make it worth it and are perfect in times of doubt.

Final Words

Both diamond and colored gemstones are excellent choices for engagement rings. However, it all concerns preference, budget, symbolism, and durability. So whichever option you settle for will be the right choice.

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