Chanel Pre-Fall 2011

Joanna Elizabeth


Published December 8, 2010

The pre-fall 2011 collection from Chanel was themed, Paris-Byzance, after its Byzantine inspiration found in Empress Theodora. If possible, the pre-fall season brought an even more opulent and lavish showing than spring with a heavy emphasis on gold trimmed jackets, exciting silhouettes and crystal adorned bodices. Despite the antique influence, creative director Karl Lagerfeld grounded the show with Chanel’s signature relaxed elegance.

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36 thoughts on “Chanel Pre-Fall 2011”

  1. O: I’m actually liking some of these designs, though that could just be because I wish I lived during the Byzantine Empire.
    Totally snazztastic, though others I’m not particularly fond of, but they’re nice.

  2. Its over-the-top, its glamorous, its so Chanel. Im so obsessed with Ginta Lapina. I think she is the most beautiful model working currently. Such an exotic blonde.

    Is Freja wearing jeans on 2nd page?? Never thought of jeans and Chanel in the same sentence. Also, that purple dress on 3rd page, top, is TO DIE FOR.

    Chanel is always exciting. You might not like it, but its never boring.

    • sorry.. but chanel isnt supposed to be over-the-top. its supposed to be understated elegance. seriously. no offense meant. but you are right, chanel and jeans? wow right? and the purple dress does look pretty. its not boring but for some reason its more karl lagerfeld than coco chanel but then again, chanel is lagerfeld … or is it?

      • Well its been over the top last few seasons…i mean did you see those Chewbacca outfits for fall 2010??? Coco rolled in her grave. Twice. Coco Chanel’s Chanel will never be what was meant to be. Spring 2010 Couture remains my favorite under Karl’s vision.

  3. what a great improvement after the ridiculous faux fur boots and ski gear of last F/W season!!!this is actually wearable and desirable and of such indulgent luxury. Tweed with a Byzantine twist! Some of the coats are to die for!

  4. Wow, I love it, it’s glorious! Ever notice how the best fashion collections are always the historically-inspired ones? <3
    My favorite look is the 16th one on the first page, with the empire-waist pleated blue mosaic-dress. <3
    Chanel just keeps getting better, Lagerfeld is a GENIUS!

  5. I love how, through a Chanel show, the outfits always develop into a different story from the beginning of the show to the end. How creative!

  6. OH I forgot to mention/ask, is anyone kind of mad Blake Lively is the new face of Chanel? Or am I the only one who finds her irritating/not a fashion icon AT ALL.

    • exactly!!!!! i mean, where is the essense of the woman here? this is more jean poiret than coco chanel. but as i said, maybe its not chanel. its karl lagerfeld’s chanel.

  7. Nobody mentioned the apparence of Barbara Palvin ?!

    Sounds promising =) (Barbara..)

    In fact I’m not that into Chanel but here’s a whole new concept, and I agree with Karl on this one !

  8. Bambi sticks out like a sore thumb. When I was just casually scrolling down I see her and I’m like, why is she there…also that dress is so not her. I know a sound like a teenager but it’s true.

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