8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Sports Bra

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When you think of a sports bra, images of professional athletes might come to mind. However, this is not the only type of sports bra that exists. There are many different bras designed to meet specific needs and goals. In this article, we answer some frequently asked questions about choosing a sports bra and provide you with advice on choosing the right one for your body shape.

Are you looking for breathability?

Breathability is about how the material keeps moisture from getting into your skin through the well-constructed fabric. This is especially important for high-intensity activities, such as running or training in the heat, where you might sweat a lot. The best sports bras have high-quality fabrics and air vents that allow you to breathe and stay cool while keeping you comfortable and secure.

Are you a beginner or advanced athlete?

With the increase in the popularity of competitive sports, it is essential to choose the right sports bra for your skill level. Beginner-level athletes should go with a basic sports bra that is low-impact and provides excellent coverage, depending on your size. They should aim to wear a bra that’s suited for doing less intensive activities like yoga and meditation.

This sports bra is often called a “yoga bra” or a “mindfulness bra.” A more advanced athlete can consider a higher-end sports bra with more support and more options to personalize the fit. This article is meant for athletes at least intermediate in skill level. We recommend choosing a sports bra with a band that is at least one size larger to have some extra room for your muscle tissue.

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Does the sports bra make your body look big or small?

A common question we get from women is whether or not the sports bra makes them look fat. The answer is very simple: no! Most sports bras have bands that are designed to be loose and comfortable. They have padding intended to make you look lean instead of bulky. Bras with a tight, structured fit will make your body appear thicker because of how the fabric rides against your body. This type of fabric interferes with your body’s natural process of water loss and can lead to excess water build-up in the bladder and chest.

Wraparound style bands

Wraparound style bands are often called “cup extenders.” They are very similar to underwire-style bands, but the material is usually more supportive. Wraparound style bands have straps sewn around the back of your shoulders, hence the name. This popular fashion accessory is often combined with support panels under the armpits to provide additional rigidity and support. Wraparound bands are best for larger-busted women who want more support and want it discreetly.

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In-seam pockets

In-seam pockets are ideal for larger-busted women because they make it much easier to access your keys while wearing a sports bra. If a sports bra doesn’t have in-seam pockets, you will likely have a hard time finding them in a dark-colored restaurant or bar. Many professional female athletes choose to wear a sports bra with an in-seam pocket. This pocket is usually sewn into the shoulder straps and is designed to keep your keys from falling out when you are on the move.

Super comfortable or no thanks!

Ultimately, you will want to choose a sports bra that is comfortable, supportive, and easy to iron. That being said, some women have a hard time finding a comfortable sports bra. If this is you, we recommend trying a strapless version first. Many women find strapless sports bras more comfortable than full-cup bras. This is why we always recommend trying on a few different types of bras before purchasing. If you are not a huge fan of strapless bras, try wearing a padded, non-strapped band instead.

Which color should you buy?

There are so many great colors and patterns available for sports bras at Bombshell Sportswear that it can be hard to choose just one. However, we believe that the dark blue sports bra is the epitome of comfort and style. If you are a woman who wants a versatile bra option, a darker color will help you pair the bra with other pieces of clothing. There are plenty of lovely colors to choose from, ranging from nude, black, red, and beige. If you are unsure which shade to order, we recommend ordering a basic white sports bra to see how you like it before purchasing.

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How the sports bra fits

When choosing a sports bra, you will want to make sure that it fits well and comfortably. To determine how the sports bra fits, you want to measure the fullest part of your bust and then your rib cage. You can also test how well a bra’s support is by jumping or running. Look for a bra that doesn’t have much movement but is not too tight. It would help if you considered ordering a larger size so that the band is still snug but not too tight. This is especially important while you are wearing it for longer periods.

The best sports bras are the ones that are the right size, provide good support, and fit comfortably. When it comes to finding a new sports bra, remember: it’s not about finding the right color; it’s about finding the right size!

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