5 Essentials for Beautiful Skin

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What does it take to maintain gorgeous skin? Jealous of the models you see in magazines and on TVs because they haven’t a wrinkle to be found? You can achieve beautiful, flawless skin as well if you are willing to make a few lifestyle changes. The five tips below make caring for your skin so much easier. These ideas are virtually effortless, making each worth your time.

1- Take Care of Your Skin

Cleansing the face morning and night, following with a good moisturizer is a vital part of good skincare. Twice daily washes remove dirt and impurities from the skin that clogs pores and causes other concerns. Exfoliators, serums, and other products add a little extra to the skincare routine. Don’t settle for the cheap products made with mysterious ingredients that may damage your skin more than help. Opt to spend a few more bucks for quality skin care products instead. You’ll notice the difference right away and wonder how you ever managed without the good stuff.

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2- Get More Sleep

Skipping sleep increases inflammation, which may result in more frequent breakouts and blemishes. A lack of sleep also causes the skin to look dull and tired, causes sagging skin and wrinkles, and a myriad of other concerns. The National Sleep Association recommends adults get seven-nine hours of shut-eye each night, though many admit they get less than six hours of sleep each night. Make sleep a top priority in your life to reduce the release of the cortisol hormone, which causes skin problems.

3- Avoid Tobacco & Alcohol

Two favorite pastimes for many people, tobacco and alcohol, are bad for the body in many ways, including our skin. Alcohol affects the blood vessels in the skin, causing dilation, which causes skin redness and inflammation. Tobacco contains carbon monoxide, which displaces the skin’s oxygen. Nicotine also reduces the blood flow and depletes the body of vital nutrients. Find healthier ways to cope with stress or have fun and maintain beautiful, healthy skin.

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4- You Are What You Eat

What’s on your plate? Follow the food pyramid to ensure your body receives all of the vital nutrients it needs for good health. The more colorful your plate, the better. You’ll have more energy, maintain a good weight, and keep skin healthy when you eat the right foods. Avoid processed foods, carbs, and sugar-laden foods, all of which pose danger to the skin, causing dullness and dryness, among other conditions.

5- Minimize Time in the Sun

We all need the fresh air offered outdoors and enjoy spending time in the sun. However, protect yourself each time you go outdoors by applying a sunscreen with an SPF 15 or higher, wear a hat or visor, and avoid going out during the hottest hours of the day. Harmful UV rays from the sun increase the risk of developing skin cancer. Too much time in the sun can also burn and damage the skin, cause discoloration, increase wrinkles, and cause other dangers that you don’t want to experience.

The five tips above help keep your skin healthy and beautiful at any age. Use these tips to benefit your skin!

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