• http://www.thelifeofaneggrorr.blogspot.com victoria

    she looks absolutely breathtaking. this girl can work any scenario. i love how vogue espana decided to show her so raw and natural, everything is so simple, for vogue.



  • tom

    that’s all what fashion should be, just have to love it !

  • seb

    Cant wait to see the eds ,but this cover is more than my eye can take ,I am lost for words ,Isabelli is a true legend 0_o ,spanish vogue is getting few things right

  • juan

    finally ,spanish vogue is getting it ! glad to see models doing vogue again,the lindsay lohan was sooo ugly ,I am sorry Lindsay is a pretty girl and they manage to blow it with some ”high” concept.
    keep it simple please ,the public is mature enough to understand editorial message to a more subtil level ,welcome to the 2009 era *_*