• L Alyse

    hm……. I will always LOVE michael Kors, but this is lacking in AWE for me : (


  • http://whycantmybestfriendbeme.blogspot.com/ Anita Siraki

    yeah, i’m not too crazy about the clothes either


  • http://twitter.com/elenavasilieva Elena Vasilieva
  • Anonymous

    I only JUST discovered that sometimes you have more than one page for one post…. I feel like I might have missed out on key shots from old editorials… xxx

  • Anonymous

    What do you guys expect, pre-fall and resort collections are usually very very commercial….kinda clothes you wear to work, school, coffee with girlfriends….Having high expectations is kinda silly, in my opinion…

  • Kremy

    I love him but it’s horrible. I hope this is a bad,boring joke.
    (The girl in the 8th pic is like a doctor or something.)

  • OhMyDior

    Penultimate dress it’s so much Gianfranco Ferrè.