Julia, Sasha & Zivile by Zhang Jingna in 1000 Roses

Playing the dual role of art director and photographer, Zhang Jingna captures a story of bridal beauty for the latest issue of SingaporeBrides Fashion. Starring Julia Valimaki, Sasha Luss and Zivile Cibaite in sweeping gowns by Singaporean designers, the romantic story takes the beautiful trio into a rose garden of dramatic proportions.

Additional Credits:
Hair: Andrea Claire
Editor: Fazillah Abdul Gaffa
Makeup: Dewi Mahoney
Photography assistants: Karin Xiao, Jacob Tan Yin Qi & Z Han
Hair styling assistant: Blaire Walmsley

16 Responses to “Julia, Sasha & Zivile by Zhang Jingna in 1000 Roses”

  1. The processing is cool… I like the setting and the styling, but a lot of the posing feels contrived.

  2. stunning as always. but it’s not as impressive as we first saw your work. time to try something new?

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