Jovita Miseviciute by Zoltan Tombor in Eleganza Gipsy | Grazia

In front of Zoltan Tombor’s lens, Jovita Miseviciute travels the countryside coming across different types of people while donning an elegant wardrobe. Published in the latest Grazia, the enchanting story takes on demure dresses and sweaters from Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and more styled by Sbrina Bolzoni.

16 Responses to “Jovita Miseviciute by Zoltan Tombor in Eleganza Gipsy | Grazia”

  1. This is too damn fantastic. The models skin is sensational, the styling impeccable and the lighting A+. ADORE this!


  2. Now I’m proud to be Hungarian..He’s an amazing photographer.
    Anyway this is an amazing shot, I’m a big fan of the makeup.

  3. So lovely! Interesting locations, wonderful colors, nice styling, great make up… nice to see something a little different.

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