The Future of Fashion Gone Rogue

exclusives The Future of Fashion Gone Rogue

Four years ago, I started this site out of a personal interest in fashion photography. What began as a hobby and collection of images I enjoyed quickly became a place for photographers, labels and magazines to share their work and for readers to view. I could have never imagined that FGR would become one of the largest independent fashion blogs at that time.

What some of you may not know is that 80-90% of the website’s content is submission-based, and I look at each submission individually. Between site maintenance, server costs and the increasing rate of submissions, Fashion Gone Rogue has become too difficult to manage and financially support by myself even with site advertising.

At this time, I am now asking for your support to help ensure Fashion Gone Rogue’s future. With your help, I aim to get better servers so there will be no more downtime and hire regular contributors to help with site submissions. You can support the site at IndieGogo here.

If you can’t pledge an amount but would still like to support the site, then please spread the word to your friends and family whether on twitter, facebook, etc. Thank you in advance and I appreciate all your support throughout the years.