Darla Baker by Joseph D’Arco for StyleCaster

As we say goodbye to summer, StyleCaster offers up a story showcasing an array of party dresses that will stay fashionable throughout the night and into the morning. Starring Darla Baker with styling by Emily Finkbinder and Janice Chou, the American beauty plays a party girl with a a rebellious streak in Joseph D’Arco’s gritty black and white images.

9 Responses to “Darla Baker by Joseph D’Arco for StyleCaster”

  1. Raschelista Reply

    This is one of those amazing shoots where all of the elements come together harmoniously…love Darla Baker!

  2. DARLA BAKER!!!! oh where have you been my lovely? Please let this mean we’ll be seeing more of her!

  3. Only in NYC…a rooftop party with a touch of glamour. When this whole world starts getting me down, I go up where the air is fresh and sweet…Love it!

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