Daphne Guinness by Markus + Indrani for Muse Magazine

The EnchantressDaphne Guinness stars in Markus + Indrani’s fantastical story shot for the winter issue of Muse Magazine. Outfitted by GK Reid, Daphne wears dramatic metallic pieces matched with elegant head-wear. Whether on the water or posing indoors, the heiress brings her own flair to the stunning creations.

6 Responses to “Daphne Guinness by Markus + Indrani for Muse Magazine”

  1. These photos are so visually captivating and dynamic, and Daphne plays the part to absolute perfection! I’m not usually a fan of editorials which have been overly enhanced with computer graphics, the images often come off disjointed or too artificial, but this is most definitely an exception. Spectacular!


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