Crystal Renn by Derek Kettela for Paper Planes F/W 2010

Crystal Renn works with photographer Derek Kettela for the cover shoot of Paper Planes’ latest issue. Wearing a mix of retro and modern looks, Crystal looks flawless as ever in animal print, lace and denim styled by Andreas Kokkino. / Hair by David Von Canon and Makeup by Stevie Huynh

31 Responses to “Crystal Renn by Derek Kettela for Paper Planes F/W 2010”

  1. Best shoot so far (for me anyway) I have seen her in, here she is a cross between Gia Carangi’s untamed masculinity and Cindy Crawford’s curves & sensuality. Great style and poses. Don’t get me started with the hair!!!!

  2. She is a great model, despite some difficulties Mother Nature has thrown her way.

  3. She really is a great model, she is very dynamic in some editorials while in others is a bit more subdued. I enjoy seeing her in print. I’m guessing she was retouched a little much tho in these…

  4. I repeat: She is a Great Model! Whatever it is she does in front of the camera (a mystery to us all), turns out to be so artistically expressive, & aesthetically pleasing…..
    I can’t begin to describe…!

    • If you feel better writing she is “plus sized”, good for you but it sounds like a bitter comment. Crystal is a goddess and I would like to see the face of people like you criticizing behind the screen…

  5. i really love her…. lips, eyes, HAIR… and this photoshoot is so cool. plus size or no, she’s one of the best models around.

  6. I don’t care if she’s “thin” or “fat”, plus-size or not plus-size. SHE IS GORGEOUS NO MATTER WHAT. So tired of labels!

  7. I like Miss Renn, but I realized that in every shoot, almost every picture, she has her mouth open. Also, I feel she tries too hard to emphasize her curves. She’s not a size zero, we all already know and praise her. Why can’t she just model and do what she does without so much focus on whatever her body type is?

    • It’s also a possibility that the editors/photographers chose those specific shots. They have tons of selects to choose from, maybe that’s what they are looking for.

  8. I think this photo shoot shows that even though she has lost some weight she definitely didn’t whittle her way down from a size 12 to a 2. I got scared when i saw the Harper’s shoot because she really did look as if she was almost a straight size model…but this shows she just looks more healthy and she still has her curves don’t think she’s a size 10 or 12 anymore but definitely a 6 or 8 which is still thin but her body still looks like a “normal” woman. Although her face and hair are just crazy gorgeous and there is nothing normal about that!

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