Cindy Crawford Stars in Harper's Bazaar Spain June 2013 Cover Shoot by Nagi Sakai

CindyCindy Crawford graces the June cover and travel edition of Harper’s Bazaar Spain, photographed in glamorous Hollywood, California. Nagi Sakai shoots the supermodel in sexy and clingy designs from the likes of Michael Kors, Roberto Cavalli and Vionnet selected by fashion editor Juan Cebrian. Hair stylist Terry Millet creates Cindy’s sleek coif while makeup artist Billy B. gives her red lips and bold eyeshadow.

9 Responses to “Cindy Crawford Stars in Harper's Bazaar Spain June 2013 Cover Shoot by Nagi Sakai”

  1. I like Cindy Crawford but I donĀ“t like this editorial at all… The poses are too fake and not natural looking.

  2. i feel like the older girls get stuck in the poses from that era… lol

  3. The second picture baffles me. Seriously. I get what they going for, and beside that being a stale idea and way too referential, it is also poorly executed. Even Tyra would not approve of that b&w image where she is randomly leaning against a car, staring into oblivion, clunky hand-on-hip. And I don’t even like Tyra.

  4. beautiful shoot, beautiful cindy & amazing editorial .. loving the look, lashings of lashes & bright lip – v edgy glam whichs rampant atm & the extreme poses set off the look so well – she’s still got it! thx for sharing :)

  5. samantha anastasiou Reply

    Geezz everyone is such a critic now, esp online! This is classic Cindy Crawford. Models have their own poses and looks… Cindy Crawford is Cindy Crawford and she is going to Pose it!! It is a fantastic piece, she is an icon, a mother and well over 40… Great job. Classy piece. Remember Classy? Yes, that is cool.

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